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Richard Youngs - No Fans Compendium 7CD


Richard Youngs - No Fans Compendium 7CD


"The journey’s long, readers, but jeepers… it’s worth every minute." - Radio Free Midwich.

"There’s an enormous amount of music to power through here, and just about all of it hovers between ‘very good’ and ‘excellent’. Youngs works with large canvases (barely anything here clocks in at under 10 minutes, with most tracks going on a good while longer) but his compositions rarely run out of puff. No Fans Compendium is testament to the range of Youngs’ work...Youngs is an artist who seems constantly open to creative possibility, and, this set crackles with energy and inspiration." - William Skar, FACT Magazine.

Flat packed as an LP for ease of shipping.

On VHF Records.

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