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Richard Youngs - Italian tour CDR


Richard Youngs - Italian tour CDR


These two tracks were recorded over Summer 2018 on a four track reel-to-reel, and were mixed through a simple four track mixer with built-in spring reverb.

The first track started by me playing electric guitar along to a mix of Machaut. You never hear the Machaut, but perhaps can detect something in the melody lines that is not quite of this time. It also features tape phased brushed cymbal, overloaded bass guitar (one of my tape machine inputs is faulty), and a tape-echoed shakuhachi.

The second track began with an out-take of bass guitar from my Foot Guitar series - you can hear six official volumes of this music on the No Fans Bandcamp page. Likewise, the two layers of drum loops, out of sync with one another, are sourced from an out-take. They are from a session I did at Glasgow’s Green Door Studio, engineered by Sam Smith. They have been squashed beyond recognition and, once again, tape phased. The shakuhachi is a simple improvisation to these elements.

This is the leftover stock from a limited edition of 50 made for my Italian tour November 2018. Sold for €10 at shows - price is a simple currency conversion.

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