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Richard Youngs - Hertfordshire Retreat CDR


Richard Youngs - Hertfordshire Retreat CDR


My slash and burn attitude to archiving means that not everything endures. Somehow, Hertfordshire Retreat is still with us. For most of its life, it has existed on a few cassettes for friends, and an unplayed DAT. A couple of years back I had the DAT transferred, and I mastered it for a pop-up existence on the No Fans Bandcamp page. It was my best seller on there. Overhauling my downloads, it is now remastered for a physical release.

The recordings were made in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, in 1999. The instrumentation is acoustic guitar, banjolin, Casio, shakuhachi, sitar, violin and voice. The tracks are:

1. Solomon Solomonian (13’51”)

2. Ghosts of Girton (9’55”)

3. Ebbw’s Kingdom (10’53”)

4. Dirge (6’18”)

The photo is of my Dad’s garden shed. The green letter R in the window was found, and - like this album - survives.

On No Fans Records and limited to 50 numbered copies.

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